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This Boat Rental Agreement Constitutes a Contract Between RENTER and NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO.

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A security deposit of $100.00 is required to rent the equipment and is due at the time of check out from the RENTER. Deposits are released after the completion of the rental period provided no damage to the equipment is found, and no additional charges have accrued as outlined under this agreement. If the deposit was done through a credit card authorization, no charges will be captured as long as no damage to the property is found NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. reserves the right to inspect rental equipment up to 5 days after the rental period if necessary. If damage is caused during the rental period, I the RENTER authorize NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. to notify me of the costs and charge the credit card on file to recover damages. I the RENTER understand that all damages will be repaired by NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO.’ authorized mechanics and/or repairmen; and no repairs will be allowed by RENTER or other suggested mechanics. I understand that I as RENTER am responsible for all damages, even if they are above the amount of my initial deposit or authorization.
RENTER understands that when the paddle board/kayak is reserved, it is no longer available for other customers and as such NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. cannot commit the watercraft to another customer during the reserved dates. Consequently, in the event the renter cancels, changes dates, shortens their trip, or in any other way amends their rental period, the entire rental total is due.
Payments will be accepted via cash, credit and Paypal. No personal checks will be accepted.
RENTER agrees that they will provide Northeast GA Paddle Co. with a valid credit card to be kept on file. This card will only be charged if damage or additional RENTER charges exceed the security deposit.
RENTER acknowledges and understands that equipment is to be left in clean, undamaged condition, and in the same condition as at the commencement of the rental period. If the rental equipment is not left in suitable condition, RENTER acknowledges and understands that NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. reserves the right to charge RENTER for any repairs, replacement or special cleaning of any damaged, lost, or personal property. RENTER acknowledges, understands, and agrees that by signing this Boat Rental Agreement/Contract, he/she is authorizing NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. to charge RENTER for any damages sustained. Such charges will be removed from the RENTER’s security deposit or charged to the credit card on file.
Major problems that can arise are few but may seem costly. The value of the paddle board/kayak can exceed $700/300 for full replacement 12. THEFT OR LOSS: In case of theft or loss, RENTER is responsible for the replacement value of the equipment during the rental period. In case of abuse, damage or theft by any person, the RENTER will be charged for the repair or replacement of the equipment. 25.00 for lost life jackets, 25.00 for lost paddles.
RENTER acknowledges and agrees that the equipment will be operated by RENTER(S) named in this agreement. RENTER warrants that RENTER is a qualified operator of said equipment. RENTER will not allow any person under the age of 25, or anyone who is not qualified to operate the boat/equipment to be in charge of the boat while on the water. All operators must sign and provide a valid license to operate the equipment. The RENTER who provides the credit card is responsible for all financial responsibility regardless of who is operating the paddle board/kayak RENTER will not operate the equipment, or permit anyone to operate the equipment, while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. RENTER will be responsible for the operation of the boat within all local, state and Federal laws and regulations.
The RENTER understands that conditions (weather, water levels, etc.) are variable and that they must exercise caution, pre-planning and good judgment in the use of the paddle board/kayak At no time should the total weight in the boat exceed the maximum listed weight. At no point should more than 1 persons be allowed to be in the boat while in use. Even if the weight limit has not been reached, caution must be exercised so as not to allow waves to enter the boat from rough water or watersports activity.
RENTER acknowledges and understands that NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. cannot guarantee against mechanical failures of the rental equipment. RENTER agrees to immediately notify NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. of defective or non-working units. NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. will make every reasonable effort to repair or replace defective units as quickly and efficiently as possible, although this is not always possible during the rental period. Repair due to normal wear and tear on the equipment will be made by NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. Should a repair person make a call to repair or replace a unit that is found to be in working order, and the problem was due to RENTER’S oversight, misunderstandings, damage, neglect, or misuse, RENTER agrees that the repair all costs will be billed to the RENTER’S security deposit or credit card on file. RENTER must be given approval by an NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. representative to allow any mechanical adjustments to be made to the watercraft.
It is expressly agreed that NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. shall not be liable for the loss or damage to any property left of stored by RENTER or any other person in or upon said equipment after return thereof to NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. RENTER agrees to hold NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. harmless from, and against any such claims.
RENTER acknowledges and understands that they will return the equipment to NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. no later than time reserved. Late return will result in fees of $50 per hour starting 15 minutes after the time specified in this paragraph. If NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. is scheduled to pick up the paddle board/kayak at a set time and we are not there the renter is not responsible for such a delay in returning the paddle board/kayak.
I, the RENTER, understand that the sports of boating, water skiing, wake surfing, wakeboarding, riding water toys or any water sport are HAZARDOUS activities. I, the RENTER, understand that the engaging in these sports and use of the equipment involve a risk of injury to any and all parts of the user’s body and possible DEATH. I, the RENTER, hereby agree to freely and expressly assume, and accept any and all risks in the use of the equipment rented; and to all individuals that are upon the paddle board/kayak at any time during the rental period. In the event someone is injured during use of the paddle board/kayak or if someone other than RENTER is operating the equipment during the rental period and is injured, RENTER agrees to pay all deductibles and cost for physical, and property damage to any and all parties involved as proven in a court of law to be the fault of the RENTER or those who were operating the paddle board/kayak from the time the RENTER pick’s up the equipment until it is returned to the control of NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. via the agreed upon check in procedure.
I, the RENTER hereby release and hold harmless from any legal liability, NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. and its owners and agents from any and all liability for damage and injury or death to myself and or any person or property resulting from the selection, maintenance or use of this equipment; and for any claims based upon negligence, breach of warranty, contract, claim, or other legal theory, accepting myself, the renter, full responsibility for any and all such damages or injury which may result. It is understood and agreed that the Rental Fee is a presently earned fee for the use of the equipment and that the Security Deposit is a deposit against costs of repairs or cleaning that may be required as a result of physical damage to the equipment during the rental period or against any liability that RENTER may incur to NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. pursuant to this agreement. Further, I the RENTER am responsible for all damages and/or losses to the equipment or any of its contents during that period. RENTER indemnifies and holds NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. harmless from any loss, damages, expense or claim, including attorney’s fees, and costs arising out of RENTER’S acts or omission to act.
NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. or its Agents reserves the right to (a) authorize the use of the equipment and (b) revoke the use of the equipment. Decisions on the part of NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. or its Agents with regard to the use of the equipment by RENTER are made for safety reasons, including, but not limited to, the following: • Unsafe operation of the equipment • Lack of sobriety of the RENTER • Unsafe weather conditions.
I, THE renter AM RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL LEGAL FEES, COLLECTION AGENCY FEES, AND COURT COSTS FOR MYSELF AND NORTHEAST GEORGIA PADDLE CO. incurred by any dispute in damages if legal action is necessary, because of my neglect to return the watercraft or equipment in the same condition that it was received at the beginning of my rental period. The parties hereto agree that they have read this document in its entirety, understand and agree to all terms and conditions.